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                        Meet Leo    

Leo belongs to our trainee nurse, Amy.  Leo is up-to-date on all his flea and worming treatments and his annual vaccinations.  Leo is fed a good quality pet diet (no human treats) so is within a healthy weight range.  He is a healthy, happy boy.  Is your pet up-to-date with parasite treatments and vaccinations?  Give us a call if you're not sure.


Warmer weather means optimum temperature for fleas.

Adult fleas can lay 50 eggs in a day and these eggs are easily distributed all over your house when your pet scratches, shakes or rubs against things. These eggs hatch larvae that form pupae which can withstand great pressure and live from 3 weeks up to 18 months before hatching adult fleas. This means finding a flea on your pet is just the start!

The best way to fight against fleas is to attack the life cycle at multiple points. We recommend using Prinovox- a monthly spot on treatment which will kill adult fleas and flea larvae (as well as being protection from numerous types of worms and other endoparasites). Some cats will not tolerate a spot on treatment so there is an injection available called 'Program' which makes their blood toxic to adult fleas

We advise protecting your home as well by using a spray everywhere the animal visits. The product "Indorex" will kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs whilst being non toxic to humans. It can last in the environment for up to 12 months. Alongside this daily hoovering of carpets and cleaning of bedding can help reduce the number of eggs and pupae in the house.

Supermarket flea products tend to be ineffective and a waste of money.

Speak to us today for more advice and information on fleas.


Where did you come from?

We recently had a visit from this gorgeous Kinkajou who came in for a routine appointment with his owners. Kinkajous are also known as Honey Bears and are a stunning rainforest mammal native to South America. They are generally fairly quiet but playful! He was happy to pose for pictures for us and allow us to get an up close look.

Owl! My Wing!
We feel privileged to be nursing a 'Little Owl' who was bought in to us by a member of the public who found him by the side of the road. We have named him 'Owl' from Winnie The Pooh. We x-rayed Owl and discovered that one of his wings is broken. We have treated Owl's wing and he is currently resting while he is on the mend. He has a great personality and is a big favourite with all the nurses who can't get enough of him!


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