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We are an exotic friendly practice and invite all tortoise owners to bring their pet for a professional vet check. A fee of £40.00 will give your tortoise a full health check including a feacal sample (bring in on the day) followed by  step by step advice on the dormancy preparation and time.


Many tortoises have a period of dormancy (hibernation). It is essential to hibernate during winter for either breeding or to prolong their life cycle.


Preparing for hibernation is as important please see below:


The leopard tortoise and Indian star tortoise do not need hibernation.

Always see a vet and have your tortoise checked before hibernation.

They need to undergo a starvation period which usually lasts 4 - 5 weeks.

They need regular baths to increase there water intake, which also allows the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract.  All boxes for hibernation should be well prepared before the tortoise is placed in them.


The tortoise should not be left in the garden if possible due to not waking up. There are foxes and the rain could drown them.

Once the tortoise has woken up they should start eating within 2-10 hours and have passed normal urine. Call to book your appointment with our exotics vet, Agata, on 0208 4607222.



Peak flea and tick season is approaching!


The life cycle of the flea is dependant on environmental conditions. In warm, moist weather, the rate at which this happens increases dramatically. There are fleas inside centrally heated homes, but as the weather warms up your pets will be more likely to come back from outdoor adventures with fleas and even ticks. Parks, fields and forests are likely to be hotbeds for fleas and ticks - so what can we do about the flea?


Your local vet is the best person to provide you with the right products to tackle the problem head on!

Applying the correct product will virtually remove all fleas and ticks from your pet within 24 hours.

Exotic Pets


Here at Bromley Common Vets our resident vets Patrick Dooley and Agata Zienkiewicz have a passion for exotic pets. There isn't anything they wont see - from snakes, bearded dragons, tortoises, geckos and chameleons to birds, hedgehogs, micro pigs, sugar gliders and many more!!



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For further details please call the surgery on 0208 460 7222


Also we offer:

Free claw clips 

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If it's more convenient, order your medication, repeat prescriptions and food by email.


If our phone line is busy, and you'd like to place an order for food or medication, you can always drop us an email anytime at


We process orders between 9am and 6.45pm Monday to Friday, so please allow 24 hours from the first working day for your goods to be ready for collection. 



Andersons Hypo-Allergenic Food


We now offer a Senior Cat and Dog range

Made only with the finest top quality raw materials,

our food is wheat and gluten free suitable for dogs and cats.

Your pet's health and happiness depends on you and the food you choose.

Pets need a balanced diet containing a range of nutrients found in a balanced, tasty pet food. We stock a variety of flavours from salmon and potato to the delicious duck and potato and chicken and rice. It is a complete diet and matches the standards of leading brands.

Call in anytime for your free sample.


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