Canine and Feline Pre-anaesthetic advice


  • Do not feed your pet after 9pm the night before they are due to come in for surgery.


  • Your pet is allowed access to water overnight.


  • Please take dogs to the toilet in the morning before their admission appointment.


  • Try not to allow your pet to become too dirty before coming in for an operation, as you may not be able to bath them for 7 days.


  • Please tell us at the admission appointment if your pet has experienced vomiting, diarrhoea, sneezing or coughing.



What is a pre-anaesthetic blood test?


Like you, our greatest concern is the wellbeing of your pet. Your pet will receive a full physical examination prior to anaesthesia and or surgery to ensure the safest anaesthetic possible.


We also recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test which is similar to those your own doctor would run on you prior to anaesthesia. This can pick up potential problems that could cause complications ( e.g. kidney disease).

These tests can also provide a reference point in the future, if the health of your pet changes. The cost of the test is an additional £30.00


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