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Not only humans have food problems; animals can be overweight or underweight and can suffer from malnourishment or eating disorders. We shall be happy to advise you on the best way to feed your pet, so that it can look forward to a long, happy life.


Please feel free to book a free nurse clinic to discuss your pet's diet at any life stage. We can help you to:

  • Plan a puppy or kitten growth diet
  • Choose the right food for your adult pet
  • Plan weight loss programmes
  • find the best diet if your pet has a health problem



 Anderson’s Vet Recommended Diet

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Anderson’s Veterinary Group has had their own veterinary-recommended diet formulated to provide optimal nutrition for your pet


Our food is a complete diet which means it has all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your pet's health.





Anderson’s Premium Puppy Food is a hypoallergenic, chicken and rice based dry kibble specifically designed for the sensitive digestive tracts of puppies.

We offer a range of Anderson’s Adult Premium Dog Food to continue your dog’s nutrition into adulthood. This is available to buy in the surgery in the flavours: Hypoallergenic Chicken and Rice Kibble and Hypoallergenic Lamb and Rice Kibble (both gluten-free and wheat-free), Hypoallergenic Turkey and Rice, and Hypoallergenic Salmon and Potato. We also do Duck and Potato which has proven to be excellent for dogs with skin conditions, even providing better results than top brands.




Kitten and adult cat food is also available; both diets are hypoallergenic. Kitten chicken is a balanced diet to be fed until your kitten is 1 year old. Adult cat diet is suitable for all ages of cat and comes in two flavours; salmon and chicken.







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