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Here at Bromley Common Vets we offer a weight clinic for any pet needing to shed a few pounds. This service does not need to be recommended by a vet and if you feel your pet is overweight you can come to us at any time to record the weight and get advice on providing your pet with a healthier lifestyle.


If your pet has to go on a diet, you must consider its overall wellbeing. The two most important factors to balance are food and exercise – input and output. An overweight pet usually has more input than output, so the commitment for your pet to lose weight must come from you and all the family – as you control your pet’s eating habits and exercise.


The cost of the clinic is £60 and covers 6 visits.


What should I feed my pet?


It is vital that all pets are fed a well balanced diet. All complete pet foods are calculated so that your pet gets just the right amount of fibre, protein and fats. By mixing two or more types of food those equations are no longer valid and your pet may not be getting everything they require.


In addition to this you need to be feeding your pet the correct food for their age. For example puppies must be fed on puppy food until they are at least a year old. Fresh drinking water must always be available.



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