Puppy Party is an ideal way to socialise your puppy with other people and their dogs.

Every two weeks we run our Puppy Party which is an excellent chance for your puppy to socialise with other puppies of a similar age under supervised conditions. Once puppies have been fully vaccinated they are able to attend. The parties enable them to socialise at a receptive age and are also designed to introduce young dogs to the Veterinary environment. Experience has shown us that when our Puppy Party dogs come for their boosters the following year they are not as scared or timid as other dogs, as they had a pleasurable experience previously. Puppy Parties are fun for both the dog and the owner.


Your last visit is when your puppy reaches 6 months of age, however in certain large breeds your visits may have to end sooner due to the size differences with the younger puppies. 

There is :

  • Lots of time for questions
  • Demonstrations are given on cleaning ears, brushing teeth, and how to check your puppy for signs of ill health.
  • Attendance is free of charge.




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