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Microchipping (Identichipping)


Microchipping is a routine procedure which is often done at the time of vaccination. It involves injecting a tiny chip (about the size of a grain of rice) under the skin, usually at the back of the neck. The chip contains a unique bar code number which can be read using a small scanner. The microchip number, together with the details of the owner and pet are then registered on a national database. The procedure itself is quickly performed and only causes the feeling of a small scratch, just like having an injection.

Microchip readers are commonplace these days, and for the relatively small fee involved, having your pet microchipped gives you the peace of mind knowing that, more or less wherever your pet ends up, a microchip reader will be used to identify your pet and, consequently, obtain your contact details from the database.

Microchipping costs £27.50 at time of consult.

We offer a reduced price at £22.50 if microchipping is carried out during time of anaesthesia (when your pet is anaesthetised for neutering for example).

For this reduced fee, all we ask is that our contact telephone number is included on the registration form. This will not only allow any potential finder of your animal a route of communication to obtain and access any important health records if emergency treatment was necessary, but also allows us to ensure the safety of your animal if you were not contactable.

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