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Kitten Care

Your New Kitten


Congratulations on acquiring your new Kitten. We are sure that by now you will have fallen in love with your new family member! Please read on for simple guidelines regarding the care of your new pet:


 Why not take a look at our Kitten Package for easy start to caring for your kitten.




Your kitten can be vaccinated from 9 weeks old and will require two injections, three weeks apart. Once the course is complete your cat will require yearly booster injections to remain protected. The vaccinations will provide protection from feline leukaemia, cat flu and feline enteritis. These are contagious and potentialy fatal.


Worming, Fleas, mites and ticks


Regular worming in kittens is important, at less than 6 months of age they are likely to be carrying round worms which can make them very unwell. We would advise worming every month untill the kitten is 6 months old.


Flea treatment is essential; spot on and injection treatments are available. If you have an active infestation you need to treat your home with a household spray which can be obtained from the practice.




 We recommend neutering both male and female cats at 6 months of age.In female cats this prevents unwanted kittens and will prevent hormonal uterine infections. In male cats it can reduce the risk of spraying indoors.




We recomend all pets are microchipped, this can be done during the consult for the second vaccination or during an anaesthetic, e.g at time of neutering.




A dry complete diet is always recomended, for aiding digestion and good dental health. We are always happy to offer free diet advice and you can collect a free sample of our Andersons veterinary diet when you visit the surgery.


Pet Insurance


We recommend all pets are insured. 4 weeks Free insurance can be obtained at the  time of vaccination or the time of neutering.






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